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Mar 3, 2021

Miranda Horvath is a holistic practice consultant, who is incredibly passionate about entrepreneurialism and small business; as a self-employed woman and lifetime entrepreneur. Most entrepreneurs stay solopreneurs for life; Miranda wants all women to be able to scale their businesses, hire employees, and support their communities in a massive way.


In today’s episode, Miranda shares;

  • The importance of saying "yes" BEFORE the opportunities and possibilities present themselves. 
  • How to know what it truly means, feels like and looks like to say "yes" to yourself with true commitment. 
  • Understanding the mindset shift required to take bigger and bigger risks. Playing big = big mindset shifts.

Miranda’s message is - don’t listen to anyone that tells you that massage therapy is just a side job. You can have it all! If you're a practitioner, Miranda’s ultimate joy is to equip you with the skills and guidance to lead you to a full client schedule, getting booked weeks in advance with clients that respect your work, lights up your soul, pays you well and allows you the freedom you've been craving. For the full transcription of today's episode, please head over to EPISODE 055 - Miranda Horvath

If you’re curious about how Miranda rocked her practice and how you can do it too, email her at, or head to to book your free 45 minute vision call!

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