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Mar 1, 2021

Anita Volikis is a master life coach, lawyer, and author. Before obtaining her coaching certification, Anita practised family law in Toronto for nineteen years. Anita helps her clients navigate life transitions with resilience and specializes in separation and divorce. Anita has extensive training in NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and is certified in The Better Apart Method™ for divorce professionals. Anita is committed to transforming the divorce narrative to something positive and empowering. Anita is the author and editor of two legal publications and is co-authoring a book about women’s stories of resilience to be published in 2021.


In today’s episode, Anita shares; 


  • Moving from a scarcity to an abundance mindset in life challenges and transitions. 
  • How to be to be the creator of your life, rather than the product of external circumstances 
  • Focusing mainly on infertility and separation/divorce, and why your mindset is critical to thriving, not merely surviving these challenges, and any other life challenge


Anita discusses today why focusing on the destination instead of staying in your journey may lead you to feel pretty short changed in the future.  It’s so important to focus on where you are right now, what you can control right now, and what you cannot. Full transcription available at EPISODE 054 - Anita Volikis


You can book a new and exclusive Clarity Day coaching experience with Anita. Visit her website for details. 
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