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May 26, 2021

Julie is an Integrative Wellness Coach from a small town in southern Ontario. Working as a registered nurse for over twenty years, she has been passionate about caring for others. She dedicates her time to helping women create more energy in their lives for what truly matters.

Facing many challenges over her lifetime she struggled with self doubt, stress, grief and burnout. She ignored her emotions for years until she made a brave decision to start listening to the internal guidance of the heart . This was the first step of many that allowed her to begin following her intuition on a path to find peace. She has now made it her mission to help guide other women on their healing journeys.

In today's episode Julie talks about;

  • Her story of breaking the chains of a life of chaos and burnout to finding balance and joy 
  • How finding joy in the simple things in life can bring peace and calm
  • The healing modalities she tapped into to help her find a healthy balance in life

Julie is an inspiration and a guiding light for others. She has been a guest speaker at local events, appeared on podcasts, and offers many energy healing modalities. She leads online workshops and has hosted weekend retreats. Encouraging like minded women to shift their mindsets and embrace the way they want to feel moving from a place of  surviving to truly thriving.

When Julie isn't holding sacred space for others she loves connecting to nature. You will find her walking on the local trails or meditating in her favourite spot near the lake. Vacations allow for rest and relaxation time for long walks on the beach and scuba diving with her husband. Deep within the ocean is where she finds serenity.

Connect with Julie on Instagram @integrativejules

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