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May 19, 2021

Tania Belcastro was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. Together with her amazing husband Domenic they have raised three beautiful children; Lorenzo, Mariah and Santino . Being a Cancer survivor, enduring multiple surgeries, endometriosis, skin cancer and diagnosed with a blood disorder with her children later in life, she has inspired many women. She teaches her kids and others, that she meets, to live a whole life, to advocate for one's health and  never to be too afraid to step outside the box. Tania is known for her random acts of kindness, encouraging friends to pay it forward and working tirelessly helping those in need. She enriches people's lives both personally and professionally. She is compassionate, resourceful and willing to comfort friends that require support. Her love of travel and hairstyling have helped many through the toughest of times. She uses social media to advocate for health and support local businesses. She loves mentoring others and has hopes of one day owning or working for a non profit to help anyone fighting disease. She wants to encourage you all to always move forward and never think you are not making a difference in this world.

In today’s episode Tania is talking about;

  • The best question you will ever hear; how can I help you? 
  • How your life experiences can help you to be the best support system for others
  • Believing you are enough and accepting you are enough
  • Being the friend you wish you had
  • And so much more…

You’ll love this episode because it encourages us to find inspiration in simple things; listen, be heard and share our life stories with others. No matter how big or small your story is, you can help someone else realize they are not alone in their journey and allow them to reach out. 

Want to connect with Tania online? You can find her on Instagram 


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