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Feb 22, 2021

Lisa Graham has spent the last 10 years diving into her gifts as an energy worker, Reiki master and intuitive healer in many forms. She is a certified Spiritual Coach and Tarot reader. In the last year she launched Moon Over Pisces to provide a space to teach and connect with others. Lisa's latest offering is the Divine Feminine Balance System , channeled in Autumn 2020 and now available to share with the world


In today’s episode, Lisa shares;


  • A basic understanding of our spiritual energy 
  • The importance of healing the spirit and energy body for overall emotional, physical and mental well being
  • The need for the balance of the divine feminine and the divine masculine energies


Lisa’s passion for learning and teaching about energy healing shines through in today’s episode as she shares so much about how to master the balance of our masculine and feminine energies. Get the full transcription at EPISODE 52 - Lisa Graham


Would you like to connect with Lisa online? You can find her at on facebook at

And on the ‘Gram at


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