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Jan 20, 2021

Shara Santan is a proud Tamil-Canadian woman and Columbia University graduate student in the Strategic Communication program. As a Senior Brand Strategist at DRK Beauty, she is also spearheading a leading mental health initiative dedicated to giving away free therapy to womxn of colour impacted by COVID-19 and racial injustice. With a passion for social justice and community-building, her mission is to improve outcomes for vulnerable communities and optimize generational healing. In the recent past, Shara led and introduced a ground-breaking gender-inclusive government ID policy (first of its kind in North America) after completing her Master of Arts in Public Policy and Administration at Ryerson University and Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies at the University of Waterloo– both acquired in Ontario, Canada.

In today’s episode, Shara shares;

  • That only by addressing generational trauma, can we begin to achieve generational healing.
  • That mental health struggles are real and can happen to everyone at least once in their lifetime. She especially looks to break the stigma around mental health in communities of colour.
  • A reminder that self-care must be a priority for us all and that putting yourself first and addressing your needs is critical to support others.

Shara’s episode today asks some deep questions about the state of our mental well-being. She discusses the effects of generational trauma to those, especially in the BIPOC community, and the unfortunate reality that communities of colour suffer from mental health challenges at higher rates, compared to their white counterparts.  This is due largely to their  historically oppressive realities that continue to have effects to this very day. Listen in to Shara's episode today for some very important tips to implement daily, that can begin to help your mental health.

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