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Jan 13, 2021

Melanie Matthews is a social worker and psychotherapist living and working in Toronto, ON. She has worked in social services and mental health for nearly 10 years. She is also a domestic violence survivor and has experienced homelessness. Melanie values social justice and strives to not only provide quality mental health treatment, but also to work within the community to reduce the stigma of mental health treatment.

In today’s episode, Melanie shares: 

  • A discussion about mental health stigma
  • How she became a therapist, and her personal journey through therapy.
  • A few tips on how to select your own therapist if you decide you want to seek this kind of support for your mental health.

Seeking mental health treatment can be a taboo subject. Despite increased awareness and social media campaigns, the stigma remains. By sharing information and stories, Melanie believes that we can reduce that stigma and make receiving mental health treatment more comfortable and accessible. Melanie shares her story today as a woman who receives therapy, and also her perspective as a social worker and psychotherapist who provides therapy to others.

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