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On The SHE SPEAKS Podcast by The Great Canadian Woman, you can expect to learn something new, from someone new with each new episode. Producing 3 fresh episodes per week every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, you’ll listen to Womxn cover anything and everything from business to the environment to social justice to parenting to travel and just about everything in between. There is something here for everyone. The purpose here is for you to connect to, learn from and grow alongside other incredible Canadian Womxn - who have something to say. 

We as The Great Canadian Woman brand and platform no longer identify as being a like-minded community of Womxn because truthfully, we believe that by surrounding ourselves with people who think the same way as us only perpetuates the palpable divisiveness across our country, and globally at that. Instead, we are an open-minded community and we hope that by being here, you feel inspired to learn something new that challenges your existing beliefs. We hope that you connect with someone new that maybe you wouldn’t have otherwise connected with or had the opportunity to connect with. And we hope that by being here, it sparks growth in your own personal or professional journey. 

Most of our contributors are the everyday Womxn. Not celebrities. Not big influencers. Not famous. Womxn. I won’t even say JUST Womxn, because being a Womxn is enough. These are Womxn with something to say, and that is enough. More than enough.

Gone  are the days She remains humble and keep her gifts, her wisdom and her power to herself. 

Here, she takes the mic. 

Here, she owns her power. 

Here, She SPEAKS.

Dec 9, 2020

Megan Harmony is a badass woman of God and has created the Soul Full Podcast and Awaken Your Inner Light Facebook Group. She’s on a mission to ignite the flame in every soul she gets to shake it up with. Her thirty-seven years of experience overcoming adversity and healing the wounds left from these circumstances makes her the perfect ear to lay your troubles on. Her no BS approach mixed with her healing presence creates a safe container to shift and move forward. From a very young age Megan had healing hands, even the kids on the playground would want her to hold their skinned knees. She is a soul led warrior who will fight for your soul’s right to be seen because she fully believes in the mantra “No Soul left behind.” Megan is an Arcturian Reiki and Light Healing Master. Megan combines her in depth knowledge of the intricacies of deep dive soul work to allow you to rise from the ashes of whatever is plaguing you. Megan is a best selling author in “The Great Canadian Woman: She is Strong and Free,” “It’s Ok to Not Be OK,” and “Her Unravelling” sharing parts of her story on how she rose and healed. She has spoken on numerous different stages sharing her experience from being spiritually bankrupt, having a spiritual reckoning and being dead in the emergency room to being lifted so high off the ground she often feels she is levitating. Her coin phrase “Let’s go heal the town with love” is the landmark of what she represents and the healing she provides.

In today’s episode, Megan shares:

  • The importance of connecting to your divine spirit each day as your guide in life.
  • How to connect to yourself as your decision source and not get clouded by worldly clamours.
  • A  call to the depths of every womxn’s soul to really trust and believe in herself.

Megan shares a message and guided meditation that she has  infused with Arcturian reiki.  Her message brings soul level healing for those listeners whose souls are craving it and guides us all through a beautiful meditation to bring us back to ourselves, and back to love.

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