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Nov 18, 2020

Andrea True Joy Fox, is a Niistitapiyaakii (Blackfoot woman), a certified teacher with Alberta Education, an Indigenous researcher, a visual artist, a performing artist and the host of Talks With A Fox podcast. She is honoured to carry her maternal grandmother Isabel Healy’s Blackfoot name, Piiksipitaakii, Bird Old Woman. Andrea has enjoyed the challenging and rewarding journey of being an Indigenous educator as a teacher and district principal.

Andrea is from the Kainai Nation and a certified teacher with Alberta Education, currently working on her M.A. She has had the privilege of teaching at all grade levels (K-12) and guest lecturing at the University of Lethbridge and Gonzaga University. Her journey as a Teacher, District Principal of Indigenous Education, Indigenous Education Consultant and Indigenous Researcher has contributed to changes in education systems, and also enriched her understanding of how students learn, adapt and persevere. Andrea’s application of lifelong learning has informed her leadership in education. She would like to acknowledge her Blackfoot heritage, her family, and elders that have helped her become the teacher, leader, and lifelong learner she is today. Andrea believes in nurturing our curiosities, healing ourselves through wellness, and keeping our imaginations alive so that we can remain young at heart as teachers and connect with the children, youth and elderly in our communities.

In today’s episode, Andrea shares:

  • Listeners may appreciate discovering the injustices and inequities that occur in education for Indigenous people and students, including educators.
  • Why it is necessary to examine what has occurred previously and what we can do differently now and better as educators.
  • Andrea hopes to bring awareness of how education systems have both failed and nurtured Indigenous students and how educators can learn from the past so they can become informed and do things right as educators

Andrea’s career in education and leadership has provided her with many opportunities to work in various Indigenous communities and school districts. Andrea believes that all educators need to invest in establishing healthy, open and trusting relationships with the Indigenous communities in order to establish respectful relationships with Indigenous parents, and families. She is very passionate about integrating wellness education through her teaching practices and in her leadership roles.  Her passion shines through brightly in her episode today, and teaches us so many extremely important lessons.

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