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Oct 28, 2020

Lindsay Mae Anderson is the sole owner of The Reiki Witch in Ontario, Canada, where she helps womxn awaken the magic within. She is a Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher and Spiritual Development Mentor. Lindsay has a bachelor’s degree with honours in Social Work and a Social Service Worker diploma, which lends to her ability to hold safe, ethical and sacred space for her clients. After graduating in 2015, Lindsay worked in the field of Mental Health for several years before suffering from vicarious trauma and burnout. With the beautiful healing energy of Reiki, Lindsay experienced a spiritual awakening as a result of her pain. Reiki has now become her entire way of life. Since she has began embracing her empathic and intuitive abilities, Lindsay has married her soulmate, became a published author, started a very successful spiritual business, and continues to cultivate and inspire a large community of soul-searchers both online and in-person.


In today’s episode, Lindsay shares:


  • Her story of how she stumbled across reiki, and how it became a very important part of her life. 
  • An explanation about what Holy Fire III Reiki is, the 3 concepts that are introduced during holy fire III reiki treatments, and the different ways it can be experienced.
  • How Reiki can support the reveal of your authentic self. The passionate, purposeful and healthy version of themselves.

Lindsay shares that reiki truly is a way of life and can help so many people peel back the layers of the culturally created wounds and dormant parts of themselves to reveal their true and authentic self.  

Our world is changing and we can choose to ride the wave, or we can choose to push against it! We can push against it by healing those unhealed parts of us that cause us to suppress our emotions and feelings.

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