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Oct 20, 2020

Althea Branton is the host & producer of the podcast "Brokenhearted". Brokenhearted explores romantic and non-romantic heartbreak by engaging in unscripted conversations about grief, pain, loss & spirituality. Althea isn't afraid to experience every emotion. She created this podcast to share stories with the world that need to be told. She often challenges societal beliefs about dating, relationships & spirituality. When Althea isn't dismantling patriarchal conditioning, she loves to create art with words, sing along to “Hamilton” and eat all sorts of chocolate.

In today's episode, Althea shares:

  • Breaking down the different ways someone can experience heartbreak.
  • An awareness of how oppressive systems play a role in navigating interpersonal relationships.
  • Her own very personal thoughts that have bubbled up when she has experienced heartbreak/loss in her life.

Althea asks the question “How have centuries of colonialism, imperialism and systemic racism affect how you process heartbreak?"  This episode is jam packed full of deep, thought provoking questions and some of Althea's answers. We hope you enjoy it. You can find Althea online at and give her a follow over on Instagram

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